Advanced Mentoring

I taught college level photography for many years. During that time I began to teach people as a “distant learning” platform using the new (at the time) email and telephone. Advanced Mentoring is an extension of that and continues to thrive over 30 years later. 

My Advanced Mentoring program basically takes a photographer where they are, both technically and aesthetically, and evolves their authenticity into the medium of photography. Authenticity teaches you how to see and create from yourself, rather than copying some other photographer or artist. It allows you, by the direct intuition of reality,  to grasp the unity of the visible and the invisible…”a plain fact, a pure experience, the very foundation of our being and thought,” as Thomas Merton once said.

One of the components of Advanced Mentoring is to enable you to make an excellent print on a consistent basis. It is a guarantee I make absolutely. 

The most important aspect of Advanced Mentoring is finding your Authenticity. This requires very hard work. It requires tearing down the constructed image making edifice that someone else has created in you and allows you to become yourself, authentically, as a photographer.  For many it allows an intuitive sense of relationship to grow visually with the subjects photographed.

In addition to other important visual skills, you will learn the practice of Mindfulness. Mindfulness uses awareness to establish correct relationships in the image you are making. Mindfulness overcomes our sense of the object being the most important aspect of an image and places emphasis on all parts of the photograph.

The Advanced Mentoring program lasts a year. It takes that long to divest yourself of previous practices and embrace new skills and techniques.

The key practices in photographing reality are:

Be Still

Observe Everything

Desire Nothing

I look forward to working with you in this life-changing process.

George Kozan DeWolfe, Sensei