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Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

If we examine the works of great master painters and photographers, the work clearly illustrates that the relationship of light on form is the key element to creating an authentic masterpiece. In this book, we will explore this relationship, as well as the perceptual and technical skills necessary to practice and achieve presence.

The practice of making a masterpiece encompasses very advanced perceptual practice with simple tools. We, as artists and photographers, must hone our perceptual abilities in order to create masterpieces of our own. The tools available to us are simple, elegant, and few, yet complete enough to create any effect of light and form we need to produce presence.

Integrating authenticity into your own work, a process that some may call passion, can best be achieved through learning from someone who is familiar with the process - a mentor, a master, an experienced teacher and practitioner of the craft. This book won't take the place of that kind of one-on-one learning, but it can serve as a great first step to understanding what perceptual elements and tools of the trade go into refining one's own ability to represent the world with authenticity.

This book lays out a simple foundation for the creation of presence in a black-and-white print. It begins with the tools of perception - our eyes and brain - and continues on to the importance of a simple and masterful workflow. The discussion of aesthetic and technical issues is evenly distributed throughout the text so that you can get a "big picture" sense of the craft of black-and-white printing.


George DeWolfe is a master of the fine print: he studied with photographic geniuses Ansel Adams and Minor White, and worked as a consultant to the most significant companies in the digital photography world. Now, he passes on his considerable expertise to all, in a breathtaking new DIGITAL MASTERS guide that combines artistic concepts for taking beautiful photographs with an array of practical techniques. With interest in black-and-white exploding, digital photographers will rush to take advantage of the knowledge he imparts.

George DeWolfe is eminently qualified to write the ultimate guide to creating exhibition-quality black-and-white digital prints. He has studied with such geniuses as Ansel Adams - one of the greatest black-and-white photographers of all time - and worked as a consultant to the most significant companies in the digital photography field. DeWolfe is also one of the developers of Adobe Lightroom, the innovative new software program that many seasoned digital imaging connoisseurs have begun to use as their main image-processing tool.

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