The Master Print

A masterpiece is the result of an artist’s individual authentic genius. That authenticity forms presence, the final result of light working on the forms of an object or scene. An examination of all great master painters and photographers in history shows that this specific relationship of light on form creating presence in the print is the key element of an authentic masterpiece. This workshop advocates this relationship and lays out the perceptual and technical skills necessary to practice and achieve presence.

The workshop starts with a detailed explanation of presence and shows how it operates in both old master paintings and photographs. Students then spend three days learning and practicing the perceptual and photographic skills necessary to achieve presence. Included in this are one day photographing on location, and learning perceptual correction skills and tools on the computer using Lightroom and Photoshop. The emphasis here is on the living process of perception and presence, not the complication of imaging tools and techniques. The last two days will be spent on printing inkjet photographs for presence achieved in the images.

This workshop encompasses very advanced perceptual practice with simple tools. The reason behind this thinking is that we, as artists and photographers, are the creators of a masterpiece and therefore our perceptual abilities must be honed to an infinitesimal degree. Our tools should be simple, elegant, and few, and yet complete enough to create any effect of light and form we need to produce presence. Advanced seeing, simple tools.

Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom, digital camera operation, and basic printing skills are requirements for this workshop. A knowledge and practice of George DeWolfe’s Digital Photography Fine Print Workshop and B&W Printing (available from and is encouraged before taking this Master Print workshop. The Master Print is intended as the next step beyond the basic Digital Fine Print workshop.

There is an update to the books mentioned - available below.

Master Print Update 2014
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